Computer Motherboard Components And Their Functions

Motherboard, or often we know the name mainboard, mobo, MB, or the system board is a hardware device in a computer system in the form of printed circuit board (PCB). 

Its function is to connect all components of a computer. The motherboard can be regarded as the backbone (backbone) of the computer system, all components must have a computer connected to the motherboard, either directly or indirectly. 

Motherboards are produced in a variety of sizes, some are made specifically for the brand of a particular system. However, most modern mobo ready made ​​to be plugged into a wide variety of casing sizes. Mobo installed inside the casing with the facing side of the casing is easy to open, and tightened with a screw.

And this is Some functions motherboard and components :

- Socket processor. That is a place for use to place or take processor, either system socket. There is a system placing processor for Pentium processor in the past. That is slot system. Like placement for processor P3500 and the previous generation. But not all processor P3500 use this SLOT System. To all advanced processor they using placement slot system. You must notice when placing processors are. We must pay attention to compatibility processor of all pins with socket existing. Because, if there are component not matches. It will result a fatal error, like pin processors will be broke.

- Socket memory RAM, Function of memory socket is to put memory RAM on the motherboard. There are many kind of shape in memory socket. It adjusted with any type of memory that will be installed. Like when use the 2-PINNED-RAM. For SD RAM or DIMM use 168 PIN and for DDR use 184 and there also socket line DDR2 and DD3 used by mother board today.

 socket floppy. This socket for connect the motherboard with floppy disk drive. Which use for insert floppy disk.

 Socket IDE. Socket IDE it’s using for connecting cable between the mother board with hard disk and CD Drive.

 Socket SATA. Just like socket IDE. Socket SATA use for HDD, DVD ROM, and SSD, but its have higher transfer rate than IDE Socket.

 Slot AGP, accelerated graphics port (AGP) its use for transmit data from graphics to processor without going through main memory. So, this can speed up the process of data management graphics. Most motherboard today has AGP 4x bus than can operate at a frequency of 266 MHz

PCI Express. Like AGP Slot which use for as transfer data like picture to monitor. Design to replace AGP and PCI. PCI Express have faster data transfer, especially for 3D graphics.

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