How to Fix Dead Motherboard with this noob skill

How to Fix Dead Motherboard with this noob skill

In many cases damage to the computer when the computer does not turn on someone who intends repair its own computer makes more damage than the damage that already exists. Every one of devices computer repairs is always a way of its own and that is often a problem. The prospective technicians look for damage to the memory, for example, in terms of damage to the power supply. This is called fault diagnosis and repairs computer errors procedures. Then if the computer is off at all, how the repair procedure?
CASE: The computer is off at all, all the indicator lights are lit none. Where is the damage? The first logic that must be owned is that the computer can only be turn on if there is power supply.

Procedure 1 Are electricity in your home is not off the lights turn on alias? When the computer is turned on during the day and the computer will not turn on, do not always directly tamper with the power supply cable. Make sure in advance that the electricity in your home not being problematic.

Procedure 2: If the above procedure 1 was certainly not a problem then it means causes the computer will not turn on because the power is not there. The next step, which is responsible for the electric power supply cable and the power supply itself. Check the power cord and power supply if need be tested with a multimeter to ensure that the cable is not broken.

Procedure 3: Test Powersuply. If the power supply cord was confirmed well, then that should be in the next check is the power supply itself. Make sure that the power supply is not a problem, for example if the cord is properly installed on the mainboard, not to loose etc..

Procedure 4: Check the power button on the computer. If it is confirmed power supply is still good, then the next step is to check all the keys on the CPU duty conduct electricity, among others; * Power button key (old model). * Power switch ignition power supply (usually at the front of the computer). * Power
turn on the power strip, surge protector, or UPS (if you have one).

Procedure 5: Check the mainboard. If steps 1-4 above also does not resolve the problem, then we entered the mainboard to be checked. Ensure that all other hardware wiring is properly attached to the mainboard, especially the output of the power supply cable. If you suspect there, should be removed first and then put back with convincing.

Procedure 6: Check Processor. If you are sure that the mainboard has no problem and the computer still on strike, most of your first check is next Processor. In all cases I have found (power supply and the mainboard is still well) the only device that makes the computer does not react at all when the power button is pressed Processor. Other hardware such as memory are often damaged and not vga freezes the computer at all. If memory or vga damaged, still no reaction on the computer but not perfect.

Procedure 7: Mainboard is damaged. If at point 6 above you are sure that the processor is still well (certainly through test trials) and there is also a computer does not respond then I became very confident that the mainboard. If this is you have to replace your mainboard

Procedure 8 Check the monitor. After passing through stage 7 above, had no response and CPU indicator light is on, the fan and the power supply has no display at all then it means the problem is on the monitor around. Make sure the monitor is connected properly. Make sure the VGA cable to the monitor is still well and well attached.

Procedure 9 Other damage. After 8 steps above and your computer is on and normal road operating system then your problem is completed.
NOTE AGAIN: If in the first step above 8 computer is on but not normal, for example only a blue screen appears with the words you do not understand. Maybe you should look at before-previous post

I think maybe it's just that it should be considered to repair the total dead computer

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