How To Use Laptop Battery For Long Life

How To Use Laptop Battery For Long Life

Energy Saving Tips Laptop

Laptops require energy to maximize its performance. But with its continuous flow of electricity on a laptop or computer can cause the breakdown of the expenditure of energy. On this occasion, I will share tips on how to save energy or laptop.

Listen following 9 tips that you can use to save energy consumption and laptops, electrical energy is guaranteed you will not be broken in use.

1. Set the monitor brightness and contrast

Possible for the lay person or a beginner in using computers, they rarely pay attention to their monitor settings. What is meant in this case is the level of illumination and contrast set too high will be able to spend a lot of energy. So for that you should be able to adjust the brightness and contrast, to adjust the monitor brightness and contrast using the button at the bottom of the monitor.

2. Turn off the monitor

The tips of the two is to turn off the monitor, especially the monitor type is the type of CRT (Cathode Ray Tubel), because these types of monitors consume more electricity. So, if you want to leave the laptop for a long time, you should turn off your monitor.

You can also setting up Windows to automatically direct die within a certain time, it can be done in a way, click "Control Panel-Options". In the "Power Options Properties" tab click the "Power Schemes". Then click the arrow in the "Power Schemes" and select "Home / Office desk". Then select the desired time on the "Turn Off Monitor" and click "Apply" and "OK".

3. Turn off hard disks

Although we are not doing anything on your computer, but your data will always be read from the hard disk (by the operating system and some applications). For this reason, the hard disk hard disk will be constantly spinning and of course this will consume energy. If you want to leave your laptop in a long time, then you should turn off your laptop hard disk. In the "Power Options Properties" and then click the "Power Schemes". Click the arrow in the "Power Schemes" and select "Home / Off desk". Then click "Turn off hard disks" and select the time. Then click "Apply" and "Ok".

4. Turn off other equipment

Turn off other equipment such as, speakers, external modems, scanners, Zip drives and printers. Because the equipment it is to spend a lot of energy. Often people leave the equipment in an active state, even when we were out for a long time.

5. Hibernate Mode

Hibernate mode is the facility to shut down, but not close or shut down the application that we are open earlier. This can be done by Mode "Hibernate". With this mode, the contents of main memory (RAM) will be stored in the hard disk. How to do the hibernate mode is as follows, the "Power Options" tab click on "Hibernate". Then click the close box "Enable Hibernation". Also click on the "Advanced" tab. In the "When I press the power button" and then click the arrows then click the "Hibernate". Click "Apply" and "Ok". After that press the "Power" on your computer. Hibernate mode is functioning, press the "Power" once again, your computer will turn on and will automatically open the application you have open earlier.

6. Standby Mode

In order to save energy, we recommend setting your monitor and hard disks are in the lowest part in standby mode. If you want to leave the laptop for a while, you should activate the standby mode. But you should know is, when the active standby mode data have not you save may be damaged or lost if your laptop is damaged. We recommend that you first save your data or documents before you activate this standby mode. Standby mode can be done in a way, click the "Start-Turn Off Computer" and click "Standby".

7. Battery Laptop

If you charge the battery of the laptop, make sure his charge process is complete. Because the charge that carried a half-half and then resumed, it will actually spend a lot of energy. If you want to travel, you should take 2 battery. To minimize battery consumption, you can use the features of Hibernate / Suspended or use an electric socket that plugs into a wall outlet.

8. USB Port

If while you are using the laptop and then you insert one into the USB port on your laptop, you should immediately released when it's finished it. Because the equipment is still plugged in the USB port, it can also spend energy on your PC or laptop. Should remove it if that’s enough of usage.

9. Scheme Energy consumption Laptop

Usually a laptop manufacturer also includes features and power management software. This software is very useful for the consumer laptop, because the software is able to regulate the use of a battery and electrical power is being used. In this software there are several options that can be used to determine the load of hard disks and other energy that is being used by the laptop. Among know the speed of the processor or monitor the proper lighting to be able to save the battery. This software also can be a watchdog for us to use a laptop.

Thus article 10 Energy Saving Tips Laptop and PC, hopefully this article can be helpful and useful for you. Thank you for visiting this blog.

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