How to Show Hidden Files on Flash Drive

Have you experienced the following, Size flash looks full, but no files in it, do you think having a large size? Or no file at all. This maybe suspected as a virus, because ye are not systematically missing files, but only hidden by the virus, and still remains within the flash.

Surely it would feel annoying if it is within the flash there are a lot of important files, such as theses, papers, papers or other documents. However, the problem is not any way to be able to display the contents of the flash is hidden.

Therefore, I will give you tips on how if we are experiencing such conditions.
The following stages:

Scan and clean first flash infected by a virus, and you should make sure that the flash was indeed free from viruses.

Then, Disable your Antivirus for a while, it is useful to have no clash if the process thereafter

Open CMD by going to start, then click run the Command Prompt window will appear

In the Command Prompt window type the attrib -s -h F :. / s / d, In the letter F simply replaced Letter and adjust its path as the one on your computer.  I mean letter path of yours flashdisk

If you're feeling confident, now please press Enter


Make sure that after pressing the Enter key, cmd not writing code again, which means that only appears Letter C: \ again, and it indicates that the success 

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