How To Partition A Hard Drive

Once we've installed the windows, sometimes we forget to divide your hard drive into several local disks. So here we are using the default Windows software, namely hard disk partition.

So, I'll give you an illustration to divide the hard disk into several partitions using local disk

I have a 320 GB hard drive which only has 2 local disk. one for the operating system and the other for data. So, I want to partition the local disk of the contents of its data to the local disk for music storage

So here's the structure of a capacity of my hard drive.

- Local Disk C = 50 Gb
- Local Disk D = 270 Gb and 50 Gb left
- Local Disk Local Disk E = new by utilizing left of the Local Disk D

Now Start Local Disk Setup Process Him

1. The first step you right click my computer or a computer in the start menu or explorer then click manage

2. The following window appears click the storage of your computer management> disk management (local)

3. Right-click on the partition D and then click shrink.
How To Partition A Hard Drive

5. Now enter the amount in parts ... there is left the free space available on the partition D, you just enter the number you want is less than has been indicated.
6. If it is click shrink and once passed for a new partition format can be used
7. Finished you already have a new partition
8. If you want to create a local disk or deleting a partition, you can arrange it in this menu by right clicking on the partition that you created or you want to delete

9. Finish

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