How to Fix IP Address Conflict

IP Address Conflict is usually temporary, but usually these issues will be completed by itself. In this paper we will discuss what is causing this problem and how to deal with it.

How to Fix IP Address Conflict 1

Suppose that at the moment we are using the computer and suddenly notice "There Is an IP address conflict with another system on the network". At that point we realized that we are no longer able to access the Internet, the connection to be disconnected and can not be used anymore.

Things like this often happens to a lot of users in the network and an error message is displayed seems not much help to resolve this issue. Unfortunately, this conflict is temporary and will be finished by itself. However, we do not know when this will happen and usually does not occur when the settlement was too, takes time, sometimes need to reboot to eliminate the problem.
To be able to resolve the IP address conflict issues, need to understand first what exactly the conflict. To be able to communicate in a network, a system must have an IP address and must be unique, at least in our own network. If two devices have the same IP address will be detected and then the second network interface devices they will be turned off resulting in lost connections, until the conflict is resolved. So, what exactly is causing this conflict? A common issue is if the two systems are given identical IP addresses statically (manually). This generally occurs on the network that do not apply the system DHCP (Dynamic Host Control Protocol), as we often encounter on the network with DHCP kecil.Server scale are also commonly found in almost all routers use a set of IP Address as prepared (called a scope) so that he could distribute the addresses to respond to the request. However, the scope of the DHCP by default in most existing router, occupying the entire address is available, then one device that uses a static address in the network will lead to conflict, if the address has been given by the DHCP server to other users. We can minimize the possibility of conflict by reducing the number of addresses stored in the DHCP server pool (reduce scope), to fit the needs at that time. Thus, we still leaves a bunch of other addresses that can be assigned statically if necessary.
The IP address conflict issues will still arise even if we have chosen not to use static addressing, and fully implement automatic addressing through DHCP server. For example, in some cases we may have more than one DHCP server has been configured with the same settings, so they can overlap addressing. This often happens if we have some wireless access points or other network devices that also have a DHCP server in it and will work immediately when switched on. Therefore should we have only one DHCP server and make sure the other device has been turned off.
Other causes that lead to the problem of conflict is when a system back online from standby or hibernate state, especially if the system is a network of different members of the network when he revived. An example of this condition is when the notebook was alive and is part of a network in the office, brought into condition by or hibernates and then revived in other offices that have different network. Conflicts will arise if it turns addressing the network configuration is the same as the configuration of the previous office.
If the cause of the conflict that has been discussed above could have been avoided, the conflict would still occur malfunctions may occur if the DHCP server is used, which leads to loss of records on addressing system used. It is common in most routers.

Here's an easy way to change the ip address of your computer:
Click "Start" - "Run" and type "cmd" and press enter, simply click on the Windows 7 Start and type cmd in the box "Search Programs and Files".
Then type the command:

ipconfig / release

Then a window will appear as below

Then type the command again:

ipconfig / renew

The command "ipconfig / renew" This will create a new ip on our computers, in case of conflict ip, if not he would reuse the same ip previously.

To find ip what we wear, simply type the command:

You are still using the "Command Prompt" where we can also change the IP address of the computer we use the command "Netsh"
For those who use static ip of telecoms speedy, usually we are given a public ip itself, to change the ip can use the command:
netsh Set IP Address "local area connection" static 1
Local area connection = name of local computer networks = ip address of your computer
= subnet ip address our computer = Gateway

1 = Address IP Gateway specified, usually always start number 1, depending on the setting masing2 router (eg gateway - so figure that is loaded is 1)
If the ip address of the computer that we will change is in connection wireless / wifi eat the name "local area connections" we change it to "Wireless Network Connections" tegantung whether the name is already exchanged anything yet.
Then to replace its DNS servers follow the following command:

Netsh Interface IP Set dns "local area connection" static

where: = dns server
Then if your computer will automatically use the ip address given by the router (DHCP) Type the command:
Netsh Interface IP Set Address "local area connection" DHCP

Then set dns also follow DHCP

Netsh Interface IP Set dns "local area connection" DHCP

Okay, so lets do it :D

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