How To Use Ccleaner to Fix Computer Error

CCleaner is a software which I think is very useful for computer users or laptop operating system Windows, as CCleaner helps us to clear the cache of the Internet or the rest of the history of the use of our day - the day so as not to burden the hard drive if the unused files are not deleted.
in accordance with the title now I will explain the most complete way to use CCleaner  who has not really understand what functions and how to use this software. This article is made with my personal experience.

Step - Step Install CCleaner
1. Please open the folder that has been my friend CCleaner software downloaded on your PC / Laptop / NoteBook, etc., if my friend had not been able to download CCleaner here. Find the setup file double-click the icon, and then look for the language look like next button.Go to next stage
How To Use Ccleaner to Fix Computer Error 1

2. Click Next "follow the yellow text that is blocked". Further next stage

How To Use Ccleaner to Fix Computer Error 2

3. Click the I Agree and further next stage
How To Use Ccleaner to Fix Computer Error 3

4. if does not want the latest CCleaner update itself when connected to the internet, you can uncheck the Automatically check for updates to CCleaner,. then click Install it and enter the next setup

How To Use Ccleaner to Fix Computer Error 4

6. Click Finish .. finished !!! easy not.
How To Use Ccleaner to Fix Computer Error 5

Note: "In this article I use the example CCleaner 3:16 version, if you using a different version of CCleaner is not a problem because almost exactly".
Tutorial using CCleaner
at the point that I often use the software CCleaner is just to delete the browser history so its use is quite easy and fast, but if you want to know more detail the use of the features that this software -Features provide then you see - good explanation of i am.
There Cleaner menu tabs windows when my friend click the Analyze button will display a list of files that are not used (junk) overall on the computer buddy. then if my friend wants to remove it just click the Run Cleaner button ...

How To Use Ccleaner to Fix Computer Error 6

so also in the tabs Applications almost exactly the way and only a function but dibedakannya trash gathered.
- On how to use the Registry menu tantamount click the Scan for Issues and Fix Selected Issues button to start deleting the registry list, then will appear as follows;

How To Use Ccleaner to Fix Computer Error 7

Note "if too frequent deletion on the Registry menu can be damage to the application - the application on the computer tepasang pal, if it does not want to happen is better not to do."

- On the Tools menu there is a sub menu Uninstall, Starup, System Restore, Driver Wiper:
1. Uninstall -> serves to remove the applications installed on the computer buddy, almost the same as deleting friend via Control Panel-> Programs-> Uninstall a difference these programs use / application in CCleaner, how to eliminate it click one application programs to be deleted later Uninstaler click the Run button.
2. Starup-> function sub menu starup to CCleaner here to shut down the existing applications on the computer when the computer is turned on and start the process until the computer is on.
3. System Restore -> function returns the settings - the original settings when the computer reinstall pal, it was if my friend did not forget to make the system restore. if there be found in the list box on the right menu System Restore.

- On the menu there is a sub-menu option Settings, Cookies, Include, Exclude, Advance, About:
1. Settings -> function to adjust some settings CCleaner.
2. Cookies -> as residing in the browser history, cookies here serves to remove or it could be to save.
3. Include -> function to add or select files and folders that will just erase.
4. Exclude -> function selecting a registry file that will just erase.
5. Advanced -> function set CCleaner setting the level of further / more detail.
6. About -> information about the product.

okeh deh friend .. so this article I am using the latest CCleaner

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