How to Fix a Slow Computer Windows 7

How to Fix a Slow Computer Windows 7 - 1

On this time I will explain How to solve Windows 7 slow. Initially when I wear my windows xp computer is running normally. Due to the increasing number of users of Windows 7 finally I had come to switch to Windows 7.

After I install Windows 7 operating system and its applications that I like, and I was already operate windows 7, playing in windows 7 turns my computer becomes slow. That possibly due to the specification is a standard computer. I get information about using the Windows 7 computer specifications must be high. But computers with lower specifications can also be addressed in some way. Finally, I tried to find a solution to overcome the slow Windows 7. Here is a solution to overcome the slow Windows 7:

Disable / turn off some of the visual effects features are not so necessary. The following are the steps:
- Open the windows explorer
- Next Right click on the computer.
- Then you select properties.
- Then click the advanced system settings.
- So the system properties window will appear later on the advanced tab click settings on the performance.
- After that remove the entire checkmark there except the bottom after it was ok.
- The last restart the computer.

if you had done that, but the computer / laptop still slow. then immediately upgrade your device. Perhaps this your component is not to upgrade, like RAM, VGA card, and Processors

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