How to Burn CD or DVD Room Without Nero

If you are a Windows XP user who has switched to windows 7. And when you want to make a cd and install nero burning first. However, we can really do without nero burning disk in Windows 7. Since Windows 7 has updated some software and add a built-in program. That cd burning application. And this time I will post how to do burn a cd using the default Windows 7 program.
How to burn the data to cd or dvd

1. The first - you have to prepare all the data what will be your backup.

2. then you enter empty cd / dvd dvd-room it.

3. after that copy paste your data that you want to backup to drive cd / dvd room

4. At Last, you just right-click cd / dvd and select burn to disc, see example image

And wait until finish.

Note : Always check size of your cd/dvd room

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