How To Overcome Slow Computer

This time I will pass on information on How to Easily Overcome Slow Computer. Actually there are many ways to do so that your computer or laptop becomes slow. In posting this article I will present a way that I think is easier to cope with the computer so as not to slow again.

How to overcome the slow computer on windows xp or windows 7 same but there is a tiny fraction of difference. But if you are familiar with the windows it will be easy to recognize the difference.
Easy Ways How to Overcome Slow Computer?
Here is how to cope with a slow computer:

1. Check the program / ​​application that takes quite a lot of memory. To check can be through 'Task Manager'.
Ctrl + Alt + Del -> Task Manager -> tab "Process"
Through the task manager it will show an application using the memory. Please close / close / end process unneeded programs.

2. Too many modules that are installed will make a slow computer. Often Sometimes we install a lot of modules to perform a task, especially a student, or anyone who wants to trial and error. It makes the application so that the application does not accumulate Although Often used. You can examine any module already installed on your computer by clicking the add / remove modules in a carry out row as well as un-install programs / applications that Became just the accessories.

3. For Windows 7, if still slow you can do the following:
Control Panel -> Performance Information and Tools (use the search feature) -> Adjust Visual Effects.

On the tab "Visual Effects", select "Adjust for best performance". Alternatively, you can uncheck the list located at the bottom. It was to eliminate the visual display is not needed so much memory consumption is reduced and the computer will be faster.

4. Take advantage of the defragment feature.
This time trying to do the "Disk Defragment". In the search box in the start type "Defragment" and press Enter.
After that defragment the hard drive is.

5. Remove files that are not necessary located in prefect.
How: Open explorer -> C: // windows / prefetch -> delete all files in the prefetch folder.
6. Use CCleaner. Please download CCleaner on the website.

That is the information that I can say about Easy Ways to Overcome Slow Computer hopefully can solve your problem.

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