How to Fix External HDD Not Detected

Never before have we encountered is an external hard drive not readable by Windows 8 or Windows 7, even replace it with a new cable was plugged with branches usb 2 but usb external hard drive still unreadable. It could be because the external hard drive may have been weak because it's long and it could be because a lot of data that needs to format.

Maybe this is the cause:
1. Drivers external hard drive is not recognized, it can be due to an error the file system on the external HDD
2. The USB port is damaged; this could be physical damage - even if uncommon - or problem drivers
3. The external HDD is not getting enough power supply
4. Driver Windows troubled
Maybe you must check this way:

-Does Driver detected?

Once a device is plugging it into a USB port, Windows will try to recognize the device. Try plugging your HDD into a USB port, if there is the on / off switch, turn it off and then on again. See if Windows recognizes it. Have a look in Windows Explorer if your HDD has appeared as a new drive. If not detected also try with how Disk Management.
Here is how to use Disk Management.
Press Windows + R, type "diskmgmt.msc" in the Run dialog field, then Press ENTER.

How to Fix External HDD Not Detected

You will see a list of drives Windows Disk Management. Even if it does not appear on your computer. In Disk Management, you can format it, set the partition, rename drives, etc.

Move / plug in your external hard drive to another USB port. If after removing them readable, then maybe your USB ports previously get problem. If you use a USB hub, try connecting directly to your laptop / pc your's. Usually this is a problem because the USB hub can not provide sufficient power to your HDD.

Try to check in the Device Manager. To open press the Windows key on your keyboard and then type device manager in the search windows and press Enter.
How to Fix External HDD Not Detected 1

Look Disk drive and see there. If there is a yellow exclamation mark, then the problem is the driver. Then install it your usb driver to resolve the issue. You can also reinstall the driver for external hard drive usb usually required driver is usb 3.0 drivers.

If by the way - still way above it could be and still not detected. Chances are your's external hard drive that is problematic or damaged. My suggestion is to go the nearest service center / place your's buy External Hard drive, ask why not try to be detected and replaced if yours external hard drive still in warranty.

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